The Race

The Coton de Tuléar breed belongs to FCI Group 9 - companion and service dogs.

He originally comes from Madagascar and was a popular lap dog there. Toliara (also called Tuléar) is a city in southwestern Madagascar. His coat is as soft as cotton, which is why we speak of the cotton dog from Madagascar.

The Cotons usually have a white coat, but there may also be colored markings on the puppies that get lost over time.

Its hair needs regular care, whereby I am always helpful to every one of my puppy buyers and recommend the right utensils. A little effort that is worth it, because the long cotton-like fur makes the Coton so special.

It is important for a breeding dog that its pigment is very good, which can be seen from the black nose and the black-rimmed lid edges.

Our little companion is between 22 and 28 cm tall and weighs up to +/- 7 kg. Few hereditary diseases are known. All breeders in the Coton de Tuléar Club e.V. must have their breeding dogs examined for eye diseases and the knees for patellar luxation.

I also have my breeding dogs examined for other diseases using DNA tests.

A Coton and I – Are We Compatible?

Thanks to its friendly and warm character, the Coton is a companion for young and old, singles and families with children. It adapts to its home and family habits. Whether you are active in sports or prefer to work in the garden, spend quiet days at home, go hiking (from the age of one year) - no matter what, the main thing is that your Coton can be there with you. Being alone is not good for a dog, so it is important that your Coton is involved in everything. A Coton is grateful for everything and a small dog with a big heart, who will hopefully accompany you for many years (>/<15 years).

Important to know: A Coton is not suitable for full-time workers unless they are allowed to take it to work with them!